Hello lovely knitters of the internet!

Welcome to The Sweater Co. blog!

My name is Jess, and I have begun this site to have the opportunity to share my passion with you all. I love craft, and knitting has been the medium through which I have often experienced my greatest joys. I guess I am drawn to any fiber crafts as I am also a crocheter and sewer (not a waste water collection system, a person who sews, what’s the right word there?), AND would love to learn spinning and weaving sometime soon (I have a beautiful but completely neglected spinning wheel that is waiting for me to begin self-teaching!) But if you are a knitter, I’m sure we are kindred spirits, and if you aren’t a knitter, I would love to share with you through this blog why it is so special to me.

I make things because it gives me purpose. I need to busy my hands, and need to feel that my time is being spent productively. Amazingly, after watching a movie, I could have a hat, or a mitten, and whilst a lot of people may think multitasking is bad, resulting in partial commitment to activities, I think making is so imbued in my nature it is crucial to my relaxation. I certainly believe that things that were shaped by human hands are infinitely better than those churned out by machines, and certainly a better reflection of our own unique tastes and strengths, which is such an added bonus!

Thanks to the internet, I can reach out to the fantastic community of worldwide knitters online, who I know from watching podcasts, Ravelry, and reading other blogs, are a kind, generous, and incredibly clever bunch. Makers love to share their passion, whether that is through teaching, listening, or giving away the fruits of their labour. Right now I am nervous  to put what I make out there into this group, but I am looking forward to having fun and learning from mistakes and experiences along the way.

Apologies for the rant, now on to some sharing! Today I passed a milestone in any knitter’s life – I finished my first pair of socks. (I am NOT counting the chunky, woolly hiking socks knitted for my Dad several years ago that never lived longer than their first wash when they were heartbreakingly felted in the washing machine). I love knitting podcasts, and knitting podcasters knit socks, and I began to feel the itch, and well…these happened:


Ignore the lack of second toe, I promise they are completed now! I used Moda Vera Not Just Socks yarn in the Berry colourway, and loved that because I needed to start with a simple design, the self-striping effect kept the stocking stitch interesting. I love these! I bought the yarn two weeks ago, and then a 40% off sale happened, so…

…the next socks are ready to begin too! These will probably just be basic socks too – a bitIMG_20150428_154444 of ribbing, plain stocking stitch, heel flap and Kitchener stitch toe. But being so new to sock knitting, even just changing my stitch counts, and maaaaybe attempting a different heel is an adventure. So, can’t wait to share what they will grow into!

And in future yarn news, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first purchase from Skein yarns to make…duhduhduhduuuuuuh! My first shawl! And this is why the internet is great. So much of my inspiration to try new things has come from you guys. It will be a gift, and what is more beautiful than the gift of handmade warmth?

That’s all for now, because I’m overwhelmed by everything else I want to share! Once again, welcome to The Sweater Co., thank you so much if you are reading this, and I hope to talk with you soon!

Go forth and be makers,

xx Jess

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